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Tree Removal

From full section clears to small shrubs we can remove unwanted trees from your property. With the latest equipment and skilled staff we are able to remove trees of any size both safely and efficiently.

Tree removal can not only be dangerous if not carried out correctly but also more expensive.

Don't take the risk call the team of professionals call the A Team today.

Tree Pruning

Regular tree pruning provides a number of benefits to both the tree and your property. It allows more light into previously dark and shaded areas. This could be for your garden or to allow more sunlight into the house.

Dead wooding ensures healthy well being by stopping unwanted insect and fungal infestations. As well as extending the life of the tree.

Sometimes unwanted and unsafe branches need to be removed to ensure the surrounding areas are safe for both people and buildings.

We can shape your tree to add value and return an eyesore into a feature for your home.

Hedge Trimming

Hedges provide for privacy, shelter and an attractive component to you section. Regular hedge trimming is important to keep the hedge looking good and healthy. We have the latest in sophisticated access equipment which means we can trim you hedge to the height you desire.

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Site Clearing

To clear unwanted shrubs and trees for development or from your back yard we can assist with your site clearance requirements.

Stump Grinding

Stump Grinding allows you to replant or return the area to lawn as required. Often after the tree has been removed the stump is uneasy on the eye and the roots can still effect other areas of your section. Not to mention that certain specimens can re-grow from the stump. With top of the line equipment we can grind stumps of any size and areas with limited access.


If you have a pile of wood & branches you need removed call us today. We can leave the mulch for your use if required or take it away. Mulch is a great product for weed control, water retention and for making your garden look great.

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